Water Division

The Water Division produces, provides and maintains the production of potable water to the residents of Solvang. Currently the division maintains the complete water distribution and production systems. These systems include 3 water storage facilities, 4 production water wells, 2 pump stations, chlorination and ammonia facilities, a hydro-pneumatic tank and the waterlines throughout the City of Solvang.

The Division is also responsible for reading all of the water meters on a monthly basis. At the present time the City of Solvang can and does obtain water from various sources, these include State Water, Santa Ynez ID #1, and its own water supply wells.

Water Supply
Under development.

Water Quality
The water division performs daily testing of Solvang's drinking water to verify we are providing a safe supply of municipal water.

View most current annual water quality report:  Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).

Distribution System Operations
The Water Division has a staff of 4 Water Operators. These 4 operators are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire water system.

Some of the duties of the water division include: valve exercising, water quality testing, a water meter change out program, and fire hydrant maintenance.

Valve Exercising
Valve exercising is an ongoing task we perform to assure that a proper water main shut-down is possible, if needed in an emergency. This is also important for our regular water line flushing program.

Meter Change-Out
The city is currently involved in a "meter change-out" program. We are replacing our older meters with new ones as part of our regular maintenance program. The new meters are easier to read and enable us to accurately investigate possible water leaks in the service lines.

Fire Hydrants
We are also responsible for keeping an eye on maintenance of the city's fire hydrant system, including pressure testing, meeting fire flows and making sure the hydrants are in good working order.

Low Water Pressure

Water Operator at Work
Water Valve Flow Meter
Staff Conducting Water Quality Testing
Fire Hydrant Flow Testing