Stormwater Management

Our wildly successful Close the Poop Loop campaign has ended. Thanks to all of the City of Solvang and Santa Barbara County residents who took the pledge to pick up after their dog and toss it in the trash!
Report Spills & Illicit Discharge
To report a spill or illicit discharge contact Solvang’s Public Works Department at 805-688-5575, or email.
Close the Poop Loop Campaign Poster - Pick Up After Your Dog and Toss it in the Trash
Take the Quiz
The City of Solvang’s Stormwater Management Program is working hard to meet the clean water challenges of our time. Please help us improve by taking a short quiz.

Volunteer Opportunities
 If you would like to volunteer, stay informed, or comment on stormwater policy please contact us at or call (805) 688-5575 ext. 243.