Old Lumberyard – Project Application (Submitted July 2020)

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Note: applicant has indicated this submission of this project to be under SB330 California Housing Crisis Act/ application review pending

Conceptual Development Proposal - Old Lumberyard

The conceptual proposal is currently put on hold pending General Plan Update. Phase 1 of the General Plan Update will be community engagement and visioning process for the next ten to twenty years for the City of Solvang. The City is currently soliciting consultants through a competitive bidding process.   The City will make announcements about this effort at City Council meetings and on this website.

The City will post all community input received  from the June 27th Workshops on this website in the near future.

The City appreciates everyone’s participation on June 27th and the valuable input.

Xenia Bradford, City Manager

Conceptual Development – Old Lumberyard and Veteran’s Hall area (no longer under consideration pending General Plan Update)

Project Timeline Here

06/27/2020 Workshop Video Links:

- Session 1

- Session 2

- Session 3

06/27/2020 Workshop text:
Text of workshop