Public Works
At Public Works, our goal is to provide safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible public facilities and service to the residents and visitors of Solvang. To achieve this objective, the department strives for efficient use of available resources and implementation of new maintenance technologies and environmental regulations as they relate to the City of Solvang.

The Engineering Division is the newest addition to the Public Works Department. The City of Solvang still contracts out to various firms to provide special project services, but the Engineering Division can handle the day-to-day engineering functions in-house. These functions include, mapping, traffic engineering, permitting, inspection, development plan review, development of engineering standards, project management, contract administration, engineering design, and capital improvement project planning.

The Water Division produces, provides and maintains the production of potable water to the residents of Solvang. Currently the division maintains the complete water distribution and production systems. These systems include three water storage facilities, four production water wells, two pump stations, chlorination and ammonia facilities, a hydro-pneumatic tank and the waterlines throughout the City of Solvang. The division is also responsible for reading all of the water meters on a monthly basis. At the present time the City of Solvang can and does obtain water from various sources, these include State Water, Santa Ynez ID #1, and its own water supply wells.

The Wastewater Division is responsible for the treatment and discharge of the generated wastewater for the Santa Ynez and Solvang Residents. The treatment plant has a capacity of 1.5 million gallons per day (MGD). Of utmost concern to the plant is the constant tightening of discharge regulations and the future requirements of tertiary treatment. If tertiary treatment is required Solvang and the Santa Ynez Community Services District face a substantial improvement cost that is currently unforeseen. The Wastewater Division is also responsible for the maintenance of the sanitary sewer collections systems, and two lift stations.

The Maintenance Division is responsible for many of the activities that the City of Solvang residents are able to identify visually on a day-to-day basis. These include the maintenance of the public buildings, most public restrooms, parking lots, streets, sidewalks, street trees, and the storm sewer system.

1 Diane Christensen Public Works Assistant / Building Technician 805-688-5575 ext 240
2 Bridget Elliott Associate Engineer 805-688-5575
3 Nathan Giacinto Wastewater Supervisor
4 Kevin Harmer Water Division Supervisor
5 Frank Saunders Engineering Technician
6 Tim Keaty Maintenance Supervisor
7 Matt van der Linden Public Works Director/City Engineer 805-688-5575 ext 222