Measure U

Solvang's Local Measure U & Municipal Election Voter Information

Voter Information:

The Solvang City Council placed Measure U – Solvang’s Local Control and Essential Services Measure -- on the November Municipal ballot for voter consideration.  

Measure U is a proposed one-cent sales tax. Tourists or visitors to Solvang are projected to pay as much as two-thirds of the sales tax.  If enacted, Measure U is an approach that allows tourists to continue to contribute towards the City facilities and services they utilize.

Measure U will continue to provide Solvang local control over local funds for local needs. No funds can be taken by the State. If enacted, Measure U includes accountability requirements including an independent citizens’ oversight committee, financial audits and yearly reports to the community to ensure that all funds are spent as promised.

 Groceries and prescription medications are exempt from Measure U.

 Solvang voters will also have the opportunity to decide on the City’s next Mayor and Councilmembers for Districts 3 and 4 in November.

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*This is for informational purposes only.  The City of Solvang does not advocate for or against Measure U.