New and Redevelopment Projects

Low Impact Development
Projects that create or replace ≥2,500 SF of impervious surface collectively over the entire project site are Regulated Projects and must comply with the Central Coast RWQCB's Post Construction Requirements (R3-2013-0032). Regulated Projects must submit a Stormwater Control Plan. Applicants should follow the County of Santa Barbara's Stormwater Technical Guide for Low Impact Development (LID) to assist with the development of the Stormwater Control Plan.


Examples of Plans

The following documents are also available on the City’s Best Management Practices webpage that might be helpful:

  • Construction Industry’s Guide to BMPs
  • Low Impact Development, A Sensible Approach to Land Development and Stormwater Management
  • Low Impact Development, Contractors and Developers Technical Assistance Memo
  • Low Impact Development, Don’t Get Caught with your Overflow Down
  • Low Impact Development, Rain Gardens
  • Stormwater and the Construction Industry Poster

Trash Treatment Control Devices
If your project design includes installation of trash treatment control devices, please visit the SWRCB’s Trash Implementation Program Webpage and refer to the Certified Full Capture System List of Trash Treatment Control Devices.   Any trash treatment control devices proposed must be on the SWRCB’s Certified Full Capture System List of Trash Treatment Devices.

Storm Water Drainage Wells (Class V Underground Injection Wells)
There are several types and designs of Storm Water Drainage Wells that are classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Class V Underground Injection Well.  By definition, a Class V Injection well is any bored, drilled, or driven shaft, or dug hole that is deeper than its widest surface dimension, or an improved sinkhole, or a subsurface fluid distribution system.

EPA Fact SheetWhen are Storm Water Discharges Regulated as Class V Wells

The EPA’s Underground Injection Control (UIC) program requires registration of all Class V Underground Injection Wells due to concerns that infiltration of contaminated stormwater has the potential to impact the Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDW).  The EPA UIC program has 2 basic requirements: (1) Register Injection Wells (NO FEE REQUIRED) via online inventory form (2) Do Not Use Injection Wells in a manner that will contaminate underground sources of drinking water.  Note: If the UIC determines that the injection well will endanger the USDW, it would require a permit and possibly require the well to be closed.

If your project design proposes either a (1) Surface Basin (unlined retention or detention basin with vertical graded height is deeper than its widest surface dimension), (2) Subsurface Well (dry/bored/drilled/driven shaft wells), (3) Fluid Distribution System/Galleries (manufactured chambers such as ADS, Stormtech or Contech) and/or (4) Infiltration Trench (with vertical graded height is deeper than its widest surface dimension) and it is approved, then the Legally Responsible Party will be required to complete an Injection Well Inventory Form.

The City will require Proof of EPA UIC Registration prior to City’s Permit Issuance and Project Closure.   The projects Engineer of Record will be required to provide a statement specifying if the EPA Injection Well Registration is or is not required for the proposed Class V Underground Injection Well, and the rationale.  If EPA UIC Injection Well Registration is required, the Registration # will be required to be referenced in a box on the front of the project’s Operation and Maintenance Plan.

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